Mutton Ribs/Seena


The goats we sell are vella aadu and so the fat content will be very minimal. the Mutton Ribs Seena are cut as per the order and so the meat will be fresh when is reaches the customer.

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Mutton Ribs Seena are the Rib bones of the goat. The mixture of bones and flesh will give a good taste to the dish. It mainly consists of rib bones which will have a unique taste for doing soups or dry items.

Mutton Ribs Seena soup is a very lite soup made with mutton rib bones also Known as neju ellumbu soup. The long cooking of the bones brings out the flavour and the soup tastes very Good.
The broth is then cooked along with an aromatic home ground masala and spices. This soup is very lite and not fatty. The addition of ground coconut adds to the richness of the soup.
Excellent when feeling under the weather. Traditionally, this soup is also served to new breastfeeding moms in many parts of Bihar.
This soup is one of our house favorites. We like to have it with rice. If you cannot get mutton rib bones, you can do it with normal mutton / lamb bones too.

Benefits of Mutton Ribs  Seena

Meat is one of the best dietary sources of high-quality protein.In fact, it contains all nine amino acids you need and is referred to as a complete protein.High-quality protein is very important for maintaining muscle mass — especially in older adults.Inadequate protein intake may accelerate and worsen age-related muscle wasting. This increases your risk of sarcopenia, an adverse condition associated with very low muscle mass.  In the context of a healthy lifestyle and adequate exercise, regular consumption of lamb — or other high-protein foods — may help preserve muscle mass.

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