Mutton Trotter / Mutton Paya


Trotters or Mutton  Paya  are the legs of the goat. One set of Lamb’s legs consists of 4 legs. It is cut into around 16 pieces

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Mutton paya online or trotters are used most of the Indian cuisines.  We have similar Fresh meats  like ChickenEgg and Fish or  Seafood at Newtokri Trotters are the legs of the goat. One set of Lamb legs consists of 4 legs. It is cut into around 16 pieces. this is mainly used for doing paaya which is a side gravy doing in most of the indian houses.

Mutton trotters are highly nutritious, especially rich in protein and minerals. Mutton leg is full of healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine, and proline and benefits the system in many ways both on the inside and outside.
It imparts immunity and energy, aids sleep and improves memory.
It helps strengthen bones, joints, ease joint pain, prevent osteoarthritis, maintain and heal the intestine, make skin, hair, and nails healthy and radiant, and what is best is that it is remarkably easy to bring all of this flavour
and health to your table regularly by making a good bone broth at home!

Benefits of Mutton Mutton Paya online

Sources of high-quality protein.In fact, it contains all nine amino acids you need and is referred to as a complete protein.High-quality protein is very important for maintaining muscle mass — especially in older adults.Inadequate protein intake may accelerate and worsen age-related muscle wasting. This increases your risk of sarcopenia, an adverse condition associated with very low muscle mass.  In the context of a healthy lifestyle and adequate exercise, regular consumption of lamb — or other high-protein foods — may help preserve muscle mass.

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Per Set 4 legs