Mutton Head Cut


Mutton Head Cut is the flesh chopped or beaten very finely so that the Mutton meat is very less dense and the meat can be cooked very fast.

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Mutton Head Cut are used most of the Indian cuisines. The Mutton (GoatMeat) very finely so that the meat will be cooked for perfection which can be used in various kinds of dishes like gravy and also in main courses. the Mutton keema is used in dishes like dry items, kebab etc.. We have similar Fresh meats  like Chicken ,Egg and Fish or Seafood at Newtokri

Mutton is a great source of protein. The meat has less fat and its bones, flesh and the fat is also healthy.
Although known to raise cholesterol levels and blood pressure, but goat meat also have health benefits when consumed in appropriate portions.

Here are some benefits of Mutton
Mutton consumption may lower the risk of a person suspected to have inflammation in blood vessels, and stabilize the heartbeat.
Because it is advisable occasionally coronary heart disease eat goat meat, but stay away from the fat.
There is CLA in goat meat, which is a cancer-preventing fatty acid and avoid inflammation.
There is vitamin B in goat meat, which helps burn fat in your body. In addition, it is also high in protein, and lower in saturated fat than beef. It’s good for you who are on a diet.
There are selenium and chlorine in goat meat which is beneficial to prevent cancer.
Pregnant women are also good eating goat meat because it prevents anemia, give intake to hemoglobin, and helps blood circulation.
Although many pregnant women are afraid to eat goat, but actually goat meat even prevent birth defects, as long cooked with good maturity level.
For women who are menstruating, goat meat helps prevent anemia.
Food from goat meat help keep from stress and depression because many contain B12.
There is omega 3 fatty acid in the meat, and well consumed by children with autism.
Low potassium and sodium, useful to control blood pressure, and prevent stroke and kidney disease.
Calcium contained by goat meat is also good for bones.

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